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a piece of natural paper
A Piece of Handmade Washi

image“A piece of natural paper” is 100% natural organic paper handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen in Mino, Gifu Prefecture, situated in the middle of Japan.
From a piece of washi, you can make the motif into various things such as greeting card, room freshener, candle holder, tapestry, mobile, lighting ornament, and window display, etc.
"A piece of natural paper" is sustainable, waste-free, and eco-friendly. Its minute watermarked pattern is realized by painstaking handiwork of the traditional technique which has been passed on for 1300 years in Gifu.
Born in a region blessed with outstanding natural beauty, safe and secure "a piece of natural paper" offers you a sustainable, comfortable life in harmony with nature.

How to use

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[a piece of natural paper]
-How to stick to the surface of glass
(c)yamakawa naoto

Since "a piece of natural paper" is made of 100% organic material without any chemicals, you can easily stick it, with quick misting of water, to the surface of glass, candle holder, and window, etc. It does not come off even when it gets dry. For removing, spray it with water again, and peel it off gently. You can use it again after letting it dry naturally. (You can also use the sticker provided in kit.)
For making a motif of “a piece of natural paper”, you can either tear it to enjoy its natural texture, or use scissors or a cutter to make sharp lines.
Small pieces can be used for decorating lamp shade, Christmas ornament, mobile, candle holder, glass ornament, hair accessory, and corsage, etc. As it is 100% natural, you can add a touch of essential oil to go with a greeting card or a letter.
Enjoy every aspect of "a piece of natural paper" to enhance your lifestyle.
Why not send a greeting card made of "a piece of natural paper"? You can add your own handwriting and pictures, using your favorite pen. You can also make a "one-and-only" Christmas card (envelope provided in kit), note card, bookmark, or even valentine! Attach strings, and make mobile or Christmas ornament. Scenting with essential oil will be a good idea, too.